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Re: emacs-22.x - comments highlighting is "wrong"

Wednesday 11 of July 2007 21:32:20 Leo napisaƂ(a):

> > In 21.x if you put a comment mark at the beginning of the line or
> > comment a region with "/*" and "*/", _all_ the text that is commented
> > changes its color to "comment_font_color" (please forgive this
> > arbitrary and non-technical term).  In 22.x _only_ the comment
> > characters color is "comment_font_color" and the whole commented text
> > is "plain_text_font_color"
> You should test by starting emacs with "emacs -Q". Because you old
> config file might be causing those problems.

1. This happens only in console mode (emacs -nw),
2. "emacs -nw -Q" is even worse - no single char of commented line is being 
highlighted ;)

BTW. Dan Nicolaescu clarified that this change has happened upstream.
He shown me useful tip.
After setting TERM variable to 'xterm-256color' normal highlighting is back. 
Unfortunately it does not work in Linux standard console.


PS. Is there a particular reason why TERM=xterm by default?

Jaroslaw Gorny

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