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Re: NOTE: Please publicize any license changes to your packages

Le Mer 25 juillet 2007 17:20, Horst H. von Brand a écrit :
> Chuck Anderson <cra WPI EDU> wrote:
> [...]
>> Additionally, if the -devel packages were split on license
>> boundaries,
>> then perhaps the buildsystem could flag attempts to link to
>> incompatibly-licensed libararies.
> This is worse than I feared the fabled GPLv3 fallout could be...

Don't be ridiculous, we're addressing this now because some people
have decided to make GPLv3 an issue, but licence tagging and checking
is a longstanding problem which was going to bite us sooner or later
once Fedora expanded from a small well-known core to a huge package

Some software pools have standardised on a single well-understood
licence. Many haven't and this was true before the GPLv3 endeavour was

Nicolas Mailhot

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