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Re: Blog post about package management (aimed at fedora)

Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com> writes:

> I've blogged about package management in Fedora (and how it sucks in
> other distros too) and also discussed abstract per-system package
> management over DBUS interfaces.
> I would appreciate feedback on
> http://hughsient.livejournal.com/31429.html either on the blog as
> comments, personal email, or just cc'd to the list.

If you've got something to say and want feednack from thise reading this
list, why don't you just post what you've got to say here?

Did you ever realize how much text fits in eighty columns? If you now consider
that a signature usually consists of up to four lines, this gives you enough
space to spread a tremendous amount of information with your messages. So seize
this opportunity and don't waste your signature with bullshit nobody will read.

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