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Re: RPM + packaging bug: many documentation files clobbered

Michel Salim wrote:
Hi all,

I noticed something disturbing when trying to look up installed OpenSSL
 the other day: a lot of packages have their documentation files missing.
Running this script on my system:

for i in `rpm -qa`; do
  rpm -V --nomd5 --nosize $i 1>/dev/null 2>&1 || echo $i

generates 283 packages, from acpid and anacron to yp-tools and zip.

The cause is three-fold:
1. Said packages put their documentation in %{doc}/%{name}-%{version},
without %{release}
2. The RPM short-cut, triggered on package deletion, that skips the check if
a file in /usr/share/ is owned by another package
3. Yum would install the new package, *then* remove the old package

As such I am not sure where to file this bug. It is quite disturbing as in
the past only 64-bit users who want to remove 32-bit RPMs notice this, but
now due to the documentation packaging of some packages, the bug is also
triggered on minor updates (version unchanged, release number bumped).

Filing a bug against hundreds of packages sure does not look like fun.

This is fixed in rpm-, which is in rawhide now, and I believe it will be released as an F-7 update too.



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