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Re: RPM roadmapping

On Fri, 27 Jul 2007, Bill Nottingham wrote:

Bill Nottingham (notting redhat com) said:
%posttrans works now afaik.  Is there something you want that isn't there

Ideally, merging of identical %posttrans.

... and, running on uninstall as well.

Rather than trying to figure identical %posttrans between packages, I'd like to see a mechanism to allow packages flagging things like "after install/removal I need a) ldconfig run b) icon cache updated" and have them run centrally after everything else has completed (lets call it "%sysposttrans" that gets run after any non-empty transaction has fully
completed). Basically what was discussed in this thread:

I remember when some years ago something like

[ -x /usr/bin/update-foo ] && /usr/bin/update-foo

was copy-pasted into dozens of packages, only there was a typo that caused every such scriptlet breaking and needed another mass rebuild to fix. If it had been just a flag to do "update-foo" then the actual update-foo script could've been fixed just once instead of having to copy-paste it into every bleeping package and ran several times during a transaction. Obviously packages have their special needs and not everything can be generalized, but there are plenty enough things where this would be applicaple.

	- Panu -

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