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Re: RPM roadmapping

On Sat, 2007-07-28 at 21:31 +0300, Panu Matilainen wrote:
> >  * Version control the meta-information
> Ah, something fresh for a change :) Most of the things that have come up 
> in this thread, well lets just say I'd been very surprised if they hadn't 
> come up.

Great, since I got no reaction to this idea, I thought maybe I was out
to lunch :) Apart from being fresh, do you think it's worth it?
Would you consider it for inclusion? Do you think it would be hard 
to do?

> I've been thinking of somewhat different use case, but one of my plans is 
> to indeed make information about the current transaction available to 
> (lua-)scripts. I already have written beginnings of lua-rpm bindings, once 
> that's in usable shape and integrated, scripts could look at current 
> transaction member packages, their files etc and do decisions based on 
> that info.

I'd be interested in seeing the interface when you have it available.
If it could support the features I proposed, I'd still be happy (even
though I really think they should be base features in rpm(1) instead
of extension scripts, so that people can rely on them everywhere).

Dimi Paun <dimi lattica com>
Lattica, Inc.

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