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Re: KDE 4 Beta 1

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

>> If you're impatient with the progress being made, you're certainly
>> welcome to help join the effort,
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/KDE
>> :)

> Could you give us a realistic report of KDE4 in Fedora so we don't go
> getting our hopes up? I saw your report at Akademy, and I've been
> hopeful ever since, but I realize that this is no trivial thing.

KDE4 in some shape and form, will undoubtedly be included in F8.  Now,
whether the kde4 *desktop* makes it... odds are running about 50/50 atm,
depending on release schedule and it's quality/regressions, etc...

> BTW, if KDE4 turns out to be not parallel insalltable, it might be
> helpful to release a qemu image to facilitate testing.

It's not directly parallel installable at the moment.  Someone interested in
helping make such a thing for qemu would be greatly appreciated. :)

-- Rex

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