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Fedora Rel-Eng Meeting Recap 2007-jul-30

Recap and full IRC transcript found here:

Please make corrections and clarifications to the wiki page.

== F8 Test 1 Status ==
* So far, not so good
* https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=F8Test1
* Blocker evaluation
  * f13
    1. 247863 is not; but I do believe we can find somebody with time to bang out a fix for this in short order.  So while not a blocker, I'd really like to see this fixed as it is very visible.
    1. 249597 is totally blocker (insta-reboot issue)
    1. 249908 (adding extra repo at install time) not a blocker, just a /really/ nice to have.
    1. 250047 is fixed with new policy, just need to clicky the buttons
    1. 250130 is no pata support on ppc mac minis (potentially more ppc32 hardware).
 * going to spin again this evening with the things we've fixed so far and sync that up too

Summary: Decision as to whether we need to slip Fedora 8 Test 1 will be made tomorrow.

== Fedora 8 Test 1 - What to deliver ==
* Release Engineering will produce the following for Fedora 8 Test1
1. Fedora installable spin * i386
    * x86_64
    * ppc
    * source
  1. Fedora {i386,x86_64} Live image
  1. KDE {i386,x86_64 Live} image
  1. Everything tree will be provided by standard Rawhide ("development") locations

== IRC Transcript ==

(see wiki)

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