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Re: Future of Yum

Robert Scheck wrote:

HAHA! I ever knew, one day RPM will eat all those python programmers (okay,
I already know who owns this domains for a longer time now) ;-)

Panu...now as yum4 and yum5 will be written in C and not in python (IIRC
nobody of rpm5.org would write yum next generation in a script language),
wouldn't it be the perfect time to rip out the python support in RPM? This
would bring us to a bare RPM like you were suggesting it. No HTTP, no FTP
and no python support - what do we need more? Maybe somebody could remove
the perl support, too? When yum4 and 5 goes back to the roots, why not RPM

Unfortunately you all can't see how big my grin is...

If you are rewriting Yum in C on your own, it would be more courteous to call it by a different name instead of simply bumping the version, registering domains silently and generally end up confusing end users. I doubt many developers of Python apps like Zope would really consider it as a scripting language. It isn't described as one officially.

HTTP/FTP client support is not really comparable to support for language bindings. Since you are already contributing to a different branch, it is unnecessary to harp on the maintainer's choices here.


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