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Re: Package Management Blows Goats (use cases)

Paul Nasrat wrote:
On Tue, 2007-07-31 at 09:51 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:

Suzanne wants to open a word file. She opens the software finder tool
and types "office file" into the search box. A list of software appears,
with OpenOffice being the top entry. She clicks the OpenOffice entry to
highlight it, and clicks "Install now". Suzanne is not an administrator,
but because she is locally logged in and the package is from the "fedora
GPG signed repository" the root password is not required. A notification
area icon appears with a downloading icon and the package manager is
closed. When OpenOffice is installed, a libnotify popup tells Suzanne
that the software has been downloaded and is now ready to use.

The search requires much better metadata than we probably have in
description/summary right now. Can we use mime/file(1) info to help the

How about coupling this search and metadata with the application database provided by Mugshot http://mugshot.org/applications ? Metadata for each application [1] can be easily edited [2], wiki-style, it does not include MIME types yet, but I don't see why it can be extended.

[1] - http://mugshot.org/application?id=openoffice.org-writer
[2] - http://mugshot.org/application-edit?id=openoffice.org-writer

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