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Re: gcc and PowerPC

Andy Shevchenko writes:
 > Hello.
 > Is it possible to rebuild at least gcc on ppc (NOT ppc64!) architecture?
 > First of, I found the following lines in the specfile:
 > %ifarch %{multilib_64_archs} sparc ppc
 > # Ensure glibc{,-devel} is installed for both multilib arches
 > BuildRequires: /lib/libc.so.6 /usr/lib/libc.so /lib64/libc.so.6
 > /usr/lib64/libc.so
 > %endif

Right, so it's buildong for both multilibs, and therefore it needs
glibc-devel packages for both multilibs to build.  No mystery there.

 > Second, without above requirements the build process is crashed
 > ...
 > In file included from /usr/include/features.h:351,
 >                  from /usr/include/stdio.h:28,
 >                  from ../../gcc/tsystem.h:90,
 >                  from ../../gcc/crtstuff.c:68:
 > /usr/include/gnu/stubs.h:9:27: error: gnu/stubs-64.h: No such file or directory
 > make[4]: *** [64/crtbegin.o] Error 1
 > make[3]: *** [extra64] Error 2
 > make[2]: *** [stmp-multilib] Error 2
 > make[1]: *** [stage1_build] Error 2
 > make: *** [profiledbootstrap] Error 2

Well, yeah.  The 64-bit libc-devel is missing, so the multilib doesn't

 > P.S. Speech about current state of the Fedora 7.


 > And I haven't access to any PowerPC 64bit to use for rebuild some
 > stuff.

Configure gcc with --disable-multilib.


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