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Re: RPM roadmapping

* Theodore Papadopoulo [31/07/2007 18:05] :
> Considering config files and orthogonally to the version control 
> proposal, a feature I would like to have is a way for
> a rpm package to override some config files. I'm not sure if it is at 
> all feasible or even whether there is not
> a tricky way to do it currently.

If the only use case is that of overwriting configuration files,
I'ld look into using SOAP or tools like cfengine to centralize policy.
Heck, CVS or Subversion will probably be up to the job.

> The use case is the "customisation" using rpms of a group of machine for 
> which it is needed to modify some config files
> belonging to some other rpm. A maybe not too good example would be to 
> modify /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora*
> to add eg some local mirror. Right now, this is impossible as those 
> files belong to the redhat-release package (as of FC5), so
> pushing such a modification requires creating a new version of this 
> package, which is definitely not clean.

How is this not clean ?
Grab the .src.rpm, apply your changes, update the EVR, rebuild and put
the binary rpm in your private repo. I did this for years without any

It's a lot cleaner then the other solution which is to make
mirrors.fedoraproject.org point to an internal mirror through DNS
or /etc/hosts.


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