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Fedorability of dvbcut ?

I'm keen to repackage dvbcut for Fedora.
The application can be used to trim up a mpeg2 transport stream for example recorded from a DVB tuner card, and output in mpeg2 program stream format.

As packaged in packman, it warns:
- qt3 is needed by dvbcut-0.5.4-0.pm.0.i586
- libffmpeg0 is needed by dvbcut-0.5.4-0.pm.0.i586
It can also use mplayer, and finds this through name within your path, ie it is not actually required for the program to run. With ffmpeg and mplayer installed, a rpm -Uvh --nodeps allows it to run fine.

It's main function is the conversion from transport stream to program stream of given selections, however, it does recode frames at the start and end of each clip.

So given the linking {I think} of ffmpeg, and the need for easiest use of having mplayer installed, am I correct in assuming this will be no go in FedoraPC ?

And if that's the case, how does the included kernel module for controlling / receiving mpeg2 transport streams from my DVB card fit with Fedora ?


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