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F11: xorg decision to disable Ctrl-Alt-Backspace

I was reading through the F11A Release Notes when I came across this:

"The key combination Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to kill the X server has been disabled by default as a decision of the upstream Xorg project."

Having to deal with many servers and workstations in a company it is crucial that Ctrl-Alt-Backspace be enabled by default. There are times when your KVM has lost mouse control or X is in a tight loop and something like Ctrl-Alt-Backspace can save the situation. This is much more common than the uncommon cases that are illustrated as to why this has been removed as default.

Ctrl-Alt-Backspace needs to be restored as the "default" and Emacs users or others that find themselves in conflict with Java expressions can just disable it for their very limited purpose.


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