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Re: F11: xorg decision to disable Ctrl-Alt-Backspace

On Fri, 2009-03-27 at 16:31 -0400, Gerry Reno wrote:
> I was reading through the F11A Release Notes when I came across this:
>     "The key combination Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to kill the X server has 
> been disabled by default as a decision of the upstream Xorg project."
> Having to deal with many servers and workstations in a company it is 
> crucial that Ctrl-Alt-Backspace be enabled by default.  There are times 
> when your KVM has lost mouse control or X is in a tight loop and 
> something like Ctrl-Alt-Backspace can save the situation.  This is much 
> more common than the uncommon cases that are illustrated as to why this 
> has been removed as default.
> Ctrl-Alt-Backspace needs to be restored as the "default" and Emacs users 
> or others that find themselves in conflict with Java expressions can 
> just disable it for their very limited purpose.
> Regards,
> Gerry


What's the policy on having the URL for both this thread and the other
incredibly long thread regarding that that appeared shortly after
f11-alpha including in the release notes, so that people can go and read
these threads, realize that (in almost every case) there point of view
regarding this has already been presented and that this is how it will

I'm figuring that something should be attempted so that we don't have to
go through this conversation a third time when f11 is released. ;-]

"It's a fine line between denial and faith.
 It's much better on my side"

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