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Triggers just to avoid unowned directories?

The packaging style in the  nss-softokn  package continues to bug me.

There are RPM triggers being used to install/remove a prelink config file
whenever the prelink package gets installed/removed. According to a comment
in the spec file, it is only done like that because the package doesn't
want to own the  /etc/prelink.conf.d  directory. Nothing else is run in
the scriptlets, just a file is moved or deleted.

Previously, albeit in the different nss package, it used to be duplicate
directory ownership:

  $ repoquery --whatprovides /etc/prelink.conf.d

Is this a result of the recent move to avoid duplicate directory

Let's hope that using RPM triggers and messing with config files in
trigger scriptlets is not _the_ solution that will enter also other Fedora
packages. Config files that aren't marked as such, package files which are
moved around and which are removed/overwritten within trigger scriptlets,
confusing RPM package verification and queries.

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