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Re: Fedora on NSLU2/Synology/etc.

On 08/30/2009 12:21 PM, Pete Zaitcev wrote:
> Chasing the kaleidoscopic change of platforms is a non-starter for me
> as a software developer. I want to buy the box, jumpstart it, and it
> should get into the cloud right away, with my software pulled from
> the repo and running on it.

It sounds like you've got two projects in mind - one that chases various
ARM/other-embedded boards and your application.  The *WRT distros do the
first to some extent.

Fedora ARM has a wiki page describing where that project is:


I had made this page for the Tor project:


which has some links that might help.  Also, remember that a minimal
Fedora install is about two orders of magnitude larger than
purpose-built distros.

As you've noticed, low-end x86 is rather stable and runs lots of
software. Watch out, Fedora 12 is about to deprecate some of the
lowest-power CPU's (C3 at least, not sure about C7).


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