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Re: Triggers just to avoid unowned directories?

On 09/01/2009 11:34 AM, Adam Jackson wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-09-01 at 11:10 -0400, Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
>> On 09/01/2009 09:34 AM, Adam Jackson wrote:
>>> rpm could start refcounting directories any day now and that'd be just
>>> fine.
>> Is there an open trac ticket on this issue with the RPM upstream?
> Not that I can see.  I had assumed their trac was more or less moribund,
> since things like %{patches} and prov/req filtering have been
> implemented but are still open tickets, but I guess we have those
> implemented in redhat-rpm-macros and not rpm proper.
> I'd kind of like to have a complete idea of how automatic-dirs would
> behave though.  What happens when an autodir is on the filesystem and a
> new package comes along to explicitly own it, possibly with different
> permissions?  Does it revert when that package is uninstalled?  Do
> autodirs containing only .rpm{new,save} after package removal get
> garbage collected?  etc.

Well, I can tell you that their trac is definitely active. I put in a
ticket for one of my long-time pet-peeves (that every spec has to have a
%clean with rm -rf %{buildroot} when it should be a sane default,
overridden if necessary by defining it) and they recently implemented that.

Best I can say is to open the ticket, and offer suggestions on how you
feel it should be handled.


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