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Fedora Test Day Summary - Dracut


As you may recall, last Thursday was the Dracut Test Day [1].  The event
was well attended.  Thanks to all participants for lending their time,
feedback and bug reports.  Also, kudos to Alex Todorov and Jan Stodola
who helped write and execute the root=nbd [2] and root=nfs [3] dracut
test cases.  And ... extra thanks to Harald Hoyer who stayed up well
into the evening/morning to provide dracut debugging guidance.

As always, the full test results matrix can be seen on the wiki, but
I've tried to highlight the test configurations, bug reports and test
documentation created from the event below.

The following root device configurations were requested for testing. 

      * root=/dev/sda1 - PASS
      * root=LABEL= - PASS
      * root=UUID= - PASS
      * root=nfs - PASS 
      * root=nbd - PASS 
      * root=iscsi - PASS
      * root=lvm+encryption - WARN (see 520109)
      * root=lvm+raid+encryption - WARN (see 520109)
      * root=/dev/md0 - FAIL (see 513267, 518793)
      * root=live_image - FAIL (see 520207)
      * root=udev-path - UNTESTED
      * root on cciss - FAIL (see 520125)

The following bugs were filed on by participants of the dracut test day.

      * 519720 NEW - /dev/loopX File exists errors when using dracut
      * 519733 NEW - LUKS password prompt clobbered by loading module
      * 520109 NEW - LVM + RAID + LUKS fails to boot using dracut every
        other time
      * 520125 NEW - Dracut fails to boot on cciss storage hardware
      * 520207 NEW - Filesystem label does not match kernel command line
      * 519681 ASSIGNED - system hang at set up after reboot by using
        dracut ramdisk
      * 513267 ASSIGNED - dracut leaves unbootable system with
      * 518793 ASSIGNED - Newly installed kernels have initrd-generic
        that doesn't work with raid
      * 519537 CLOSED CURRENTRELEASE - Fails to find root on laptop with
        luks pv

The following wiki pages were drafted by test day participants on, or
leading up to, the dracut test day.

      * Dracut Debug guide drafted (thanks Viking_ice!) -
      * 7 Dracut test cases drafted -
      * 1 Anacaonda test case drafted -

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2009-08-27_Dracut
[2] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Testcase_Dracut_root%3Dnfs
[3] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Testcase_Dracut_root%3Dnbd

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