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Next Test Day: Sugar on a Stick [Tomorrow]


sorry for the late notice and the cross-post. This test day will focus on Sugar Labs' Sugar on a Stick, a downstream project based on Fedora.

Sugar on a Stick has launched it's first version codenamed "Strawberry" successfully in June and has recently announced the beta release of its next version. It contains basically a slightly modified version of the Sugar Desktop on a Fedora System, prepared to be deployed on USB keys.

The test cases have been developed with the goal in mind to be of value for both projects, Sugar Labs and the Fedora Project. The latter one will especially profit from a better integration of the aforementioned desktop, as well as the testing of the LiveUSB technology. Additionally, new features like the rebootless live installer, which has been discussed before (and been included in Fedora lately) are also ready for testing.

We invite you to jump in #fedora-test-day tomorrow, September 3, and to join the fun! More concrete information can be found in the wiki: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2009-09-03_SoaS


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