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Re: Fedora linux 7


Thank you for your interest in Fedora! Some pointers follow below the quote:

On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 12:38 AM, liuliu1103<liuliu1103 yeah net> wrote:
> I want to buy fedora linux 7  system .But I  can't bought is recently
> Please tell me who have fedroa linux7 system,
> I am from China
> tel:13771201604

- Please apply with the Fedora Free Media program:

- The currently supported version of Fedora are versions 10 and 11.
You will be sent a DVD of version 11

- This is a development list. Kindly direct future emails to
fedora-list or, if testing pre-release software, fedora-test-list

- Please do not quote an entire email when sending a message.
Especially when that email is a (very long) daily digest!

PS sending your phone number to the entire list might not be what you
have in mind, but if it is, you might want to attach the IDD code.

Best regards,

Michel Alexandre Salim

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