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Re: [PATCH 3/3] dracut has initrd-generic-<version> instead of initrd-<version> (#519185)

Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) said: 
>> The fact that it wasn't turned on at Alpha means it really shouldn't be
>> on now, not without FESCo approval.
> That is interesting reasoning, first keep it out of Alpha even though it was
> ready as you were afraid it would delay the Alpha further (although there were
> no open bugs) and no now use that to also keep it out of Fedora 12 entirely.

I agree - certainly, there has been nothing raised to FESCo yet to
disable it, and it was not removed from the feature list in any FESCo
discussion. That discussion can certainly be had if someone wants to raise
it to FESCo.

>> We've got some licensing concerns with a pre-generated binary blob of
>> bits from other packages being shipped with the kernel package, and the
>> kernel srpm doesn't have any sources to match those binary blobs.
> We already do the same with the stage1 and stage2 images of anaconda. The
> initrd is just a cpio archive, like the livecd images are just an iso, it is
> all mere aggregation.

The issue is that stage1/stage2 are generated at *tree* build time, and
therefore are guaranteed to match the tree (and source RPMs) we ship.
As dracut images are currently built at *kernel* build time, that is
not the case. Moving to building initramfs at kernel install time would
solve this.


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