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Minitube - youtube for your desktop, still a little early in development

Hey all,
    I packaged up this app I stumbled upon called minitube
(http://flavio.tordini.org/minitube) but it seems a bit unstable and I
don't really want to toss it up to a package review until its stable
enough to be shipped but I wanted to mention it to see if anyone might
find a use for it, would help testing and submitting bugs upstream,

    Random side note, a thought that ran across my mind during this
is: "Do we have some sort of expectation of stability of software in
the repositories?" is there some sort of a policy/guideline or is it
more of a "judgement call" placed on the packager?

Spec: http://maxamillion.fedorapeople.org/minitube.spec
SRPM: http://maxamillion.fedorapeople.org/minitube-0.5-2.fc11.src.rpm


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