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Re: Packaging Request: Pure Data

On Mon, 2009-08-31 at 18:56 -0400, Orcan Ogetbil wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 1:28 PM, Mani A wrote:
> > http://puredata.info/
> >
> > is not in the package database.
> >
> > >From the license POV, there are no problems.
> >
> >
> > Best
> >
> > A. Mani
> >
> Hi,
> Fernando at planetccrma was working on packaging a recent version of
> puredata. I don't know the current status. 

It is done and released in the testing repository (will move to the
regular repository soon). 

> There should be an older
> version sitting in their repos. Transferring puredata to official
> Fedora repos is tremendous amount of work. Last time I checked, the
> SPEC file was a couple thousands of lines long and it was only for
> 32bit.

What I'm packaging is not the base pd but pd-extended[1], which includes
the basic pd and many many extensions which make for a much more usable
system. And I separately package several additional pd extensions (in
particular flext) that are quite important but not part of pd-extended
(most were, but were spun off, it is a long long story leading to
package name changes, obsoletes and provides, evil epochs, etc, etc [*])

(and others in the same directory, ommit /testing/ if not found there as
it will move shortly)


(also available for fc11)

The current package does away with my original separation of the many
external collections into separate subpackages. Now you get all of them
at once and as a result the spec file is much much simpler (but you
don't get a subpackage choice at install time). It should not be hard to
transfer to Fedora, or at least not as hard as before. 

Re: 32 bit: current pd-extended mostly works on 64 bit archs but the
port is not complete. It is something scheduled for the next main
release (I was close to finish building it but gave up, some patches
made into the current srpm). I think (but I'm not 100% sure) that the
base pd (not pd-extended) is now working on 64 bit archs but is both
newer (higher version number) and less complete (a lot less stuff in

-- Fernando

[1]: http://puredata.info/Members/hans/pd-extended-0-41-4-released

[*] I have been packaging pd since at least 2001 (probably 2000 for
internal releases), for RedHat and then Fedora, it was one of the first
packages in the Planet CCRMA repositories. 

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