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Re: Review needed....

First of all: Congrats for this 

Am Freitag, den 04.09.2009, 09:43 +0200 schrieb Josephine Tannhäuser:
> Perhaps it is luck, but I'm happy about that fact that not all
> contributors with an open review request begging on devel list for a
> reviewer. If anybody will do it, the devel list will explode with
> review beggars.
> It's strange  to see that most of the baggers are working for a big
> north american distributor, or living in india, or both! No, I don't
> want a pony!!!
> Is it difficult to be patient? 

Spot asked for a review 4 days ago because he needed it to fix a broken
dep [1]. Peter Robinson asked for a couple of reviews [2] because they
were needed for his Moblin feature. Both Spot and Peter explained why
their reviews were urgent.

Adam Williamson asked for a review of libva [3], but he also offered to
swap reviews. This is a normal procedure and has nothing to do with
bagging. The reason why there are several RH employees asking for a
review is because these people work full time on Fedora and actually
drive the development forward.

OK, this leaves Kushal, who asked for a review of pony [4] back in May.
I wonder why you bring this up after months. I mean: You didn't do the
review, so what are you worrying about?

Kushal's request was also with a good portion of humor as the subject
"Who wants a pony?" shows. If there is somebody to understand what
catchy subjects are, I guess it's the person starting threads with
subjects like "KDE vs. Gnome" or "Review needed..." (when there actually
is not review needed).

What was the name of that person? ;)



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