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Re: fedora mini alpha testing

On 26/08/09 00:00, Peter Robinson wrote:
Arriving fashionably late, and mostly intact, to the "Constantine"
Alpha party I'd like to announce that Moblin on Fedora has made it's
initial debut for Fedora Mini :)

Still a work in progress, Moblin is now in a mostly usable state on
Fedora for testing. It has hence come well dressed for the alpha party
in the "Constantine"
theme in that its still very much in the testing stage :-) But if your
still game..... to give your netbook it's first real work out read on!

If its running the Constantine alpha or rawhide, you can test it by
simply do a 'yum groupinstall "Moblin Desktop Environment"'. Once
that's done simply logout or reboot and you can prepare for take off
by selecting "Moblin User Experience" during login. While the core
interface in now there there's still a couple of packages that are
will arrive over the next week so. Running 'yum groupinstall "Moblin
Desktop Environment"' again will top you up :)

I look forward to feedback and help in making it great for F-12, and
all other Moblin and Fedora Mini feedback. I'd also like some help in
documenting supported netbook hardware combinations for F-12 so please
send me smolt profiles, hardware reports or add and update details to
the wiki page here (1).

I look forward to a great start to Fedora Mini!


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/FedoraMini/Hardware

hi peter i'm trying to install on an up to date rawhide and the install is failing because certain apps have depsolving problems, network-manager-netbook, anerly and anjal are needing these libraries


is this a known problem?


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