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Re: Bugzilla Desktop Client

On 09/06/2009 03:56 PM, Thomas Janssen wrote:

> We do *not* *need* to avoid duplication of work. Thats like "hey,
> there's already GNOME, dont work on XFCE".
> And comparing the mockups. I like Rajkarn Singhs Gui more. AND he is
> working on to make it a cross-distro/cross-BZ tool.

Since both of these projects use python-bugzilla, calling one a more
cross platform tool is completely incorrect. Both of them are in Python.
Kushal Das limited himself to writing a console tool waiting on the

While GNOME and Xfce isn't exactly the same target audience, the
duplication of work in DE's are very unfortunate and shouldn't really be
used to justify more of the same.

Btw both these projects were conceived based on the same discussions I
have been having with Kushal Das, Rakesh Pandit and others. So yes, it
is indeed duplication of work that could be avoided and it will be,
considering the offlist discussions we have started off.


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