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Re: Bugzilla Desktop Client

Yaakov Nemoy wrote:
> You can always revoke a pub uuid in the future. Perhaps a message
> about that will encourage people to be more forthcoming with Smolt
> profiles within such a tool. Obviously, including a smolt profile just
> automates certain kinds of information (read: privacy) disclosures,
> which is sometimes necessary in a bug report anyways. Unless that
> information as cached elsewhere, revoking a public UUID essentially
> makes people forget the details though.

Once published, always public.

You can of course hope that nobody saved a copy of your details before you 
retracted them, but you can never be sure. The only safe assumption is that 
any information you publish remains public forever.

That said, I'm personally not very concerned about letting people know what 
hardware I have; my secrets are of other kinds. (But of course I wouldn't want 
anything to be published without my permission.)

Björn Persson

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