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Re: Bugzilla Desktop Client

On 09/06/2009 05:42 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> nodata wrote:
>> I'd suggest hiding all of the Component, Version, Severity, Hardware, OS
>> information.
> That makes no sense whatsoever, this information is required by the 
> developers for actually fixing the bug!

In my understanding, the purpose of this tool is to make bug reporting
easy, so it make sense to not ask the user questions which are better
answered by the application, doing an automatic query.

> Trying to help the user figure out the component somehow (e.g. "look up by 
> executable name" and/or "look up by menu entry" which does an rpm -qf to 
> find the binary package and then queries RPM again for the matching source 
> package) makes sense, hiding it entirely doesn't.

I think by default this application (Boog) must ask by default maximum 3
questions: the application name (preferably selected from a nice list,
with icons and full names), a description and maybe a summary (the
summary is needed by Bugzilla). Everything (version numbers, logs,
configs) else can be collected automatically.
Then an advanced user can inspect/modify the data, before sending, but a
beginner can just send it as is.

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