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Re: what features are required in Fedora kernel

Roland McGrath píše v Pá 04. 09. 2009 v 14:20 -0700:
> > This is an interesting question.  I'd hate to think that something being
> > unable to be included because of technical reasons would cause us to be
> > unable to call something Fedora.
> Well, I think it's more or less "whatever works".  That is, we require
> the various kernel features that the rest of the Fedora packages and
> their integration need to work properly.
> Are you trying to get the installed kernel rpm size real small,
> or just to get the kernel+initrd real small?  The latter seems

I am not playing with the kernel rpm for now, having a working kernel
rpm on ARM is a long-term goal.

> fairly easy--just make everything not in the boot path modular
> and make sure mkinitrd doesn't include anything unnecessary.
> Then everything else can be in post-boot modules and you don't
> necessarily have to strip down the kernel build particularly.

Yes, it works. The first experiment was how small today's kernel can be.
And it's good to know that it can be small enough, at least on 32-bit
platform. Now it requires to properly mix the built-in and modularized


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