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Adding a project to transifex

I went over to https://translate.fedoraproject.org/ earlier with the idea of adding my project. Firstly, there's no hint of how to do this from the front page. After some Leisure Suit Larry style clicking on stuff at random until something favourable happens, I found a link carefully hidden at the bottom of the browse all projects page. The link says:

Couldn't find your project? Go ahead and <a>add it</a>!

So, I clicked in 'add it', which gives me:

Forbidden access

Looks like you do not have the necessary permissions to the required action.

Here's a link to the homepage. You know, just in case.

That's everything, btw. No link to an admin contact, process, mailing list, documentation, or anything. Just a promise of being able to add my project, then a bucket of cold water.

Despite that, I'd still like to add my project to Transifex! Can anybody point me to the process?



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