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Re: Asterisk - attached patch needed to enable build in Rawhide

Jeffrey Ollie <jeff ocjtech us> writes:

> I plan on getting an update to Asterisk out ASAP, but it's taking
> _forever_ to rebuild the git repository that I use to maintain the
> various patches.  I'll do a quick rebuild with the attached patch so
> I'm not blocking the openssl update.

Is it really worth maintaining a significant amount of patches? With
my private build of I currently use these patches:

Patch1:  0001-Modify-init-scripts-for-better-Fedora-compatibility.patch
Patch2:  0002-Modify-modules.conf-so-that-different-voicemail-modu.patch
Patch5:  0005-Build-using-external-libedit.patch
Patch6:  0006-Revert-changes-to-pbx_lua-from-rev-126363-that-cause.patch
Patch8:  0008-change-configure.ac-to-look-for-pkg-config-gmime-2.4.patch
Patch10: 0010-my-guess-as-replacements-for-the-missing-broken-stuf.patch
Patch11: 0011-Fix-up-some-paths.patch
Patch12: 0012-Add-LDAP-schema-that-is-compatible-with-Fedora-Direc.patch

I have changed some of the patches a little compared to the 1.6.1rc1
versions, just to make them apply.

I have removed chan_mobile; if upstream prefers it to be in
asterisk-addons, it seems a bit futile to keep trying to patch it in.
I should probably drop Patch 6; if upstream hasn't dropped it in 6
months then it's probably something we have to live with. Not that I use

Patches 2, 5, 8, and 12 ought to go upstream...


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