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Re: Graphics Test Week (ATI, NVIDIA and Intel graphics Test Days)

On 09/09/09 07:17, mike cloaked wrote:
Tomorrow - 2009-09-09 - is ATI/AMD Radeon graphics card Test Day (1).

I have been trying to follow the "procedure" to get the liveusb key to
boot - but changing the kernel line to either of
   to:   root=live:LABEL=F12-i686" or to LABEL=LIVE won't work for me!
I have seen both the bz reports at

The boot gets to the stage where the white/blue line goes across the
page but the screen then shows "No root device found. Boot has failed,
sleeping forever" - the advertised method for fixing this fails for me
- is there any other suggested work-around?



Try using /sbin/dosfslabel or /sbin/e2label to read the actual label.
Then use that for the label on the boot line.

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