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Re: Re: Snapshot Label bug (was Graphics Test Week)

Bob Arendt wrote:

> Glad it helped.  I tried out the Snapshot 1 liveusb, and
> was puzzled when it didn't work;  My original post to
> those bugs was based on /sbin/dosfslabel (it was a vfat stick).

> I'm curious - what *was* the label reported?  How did you
> create your live boot?  I'd used the "livecd-iso-to-disk"
> tool, latest F11 version to put the live iso's on to a USB
> stick .. and ended up with labels "F12-i686" and "F12-x86_64".

I had labelled the stick myself when I first got it - as "fedora-test"
and this was what was needed.  Of course plugging the stick in to a
running system gives a desktop icon with the correct label that I
perhaps could have spotted earlier!

The live usbkey was created with the livecd-iso-to-disk command as per
the Fedora wiki, from within a running F11 system (up to date).
I had previously labelled the stick using e2label (if I remember correctly!)


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