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Question concerning bundled SQLite in Fossil tarball


I'd like to see the distributed SCM "Fossil" (www.fossil-scm.org) packaged for Fedora because I find the concept of the tool quite attractive. There was already a review request for it in bugzilla:


After looking into the code I noticed that SQLite is bundled with the tarball. Does the Fedora policy require to link against the separately packaged libsqlite3 in this case, or may we use the bundled version that will be statically linked? Since Fossil requires the recent version of SQLite, it doesn't build with the current sqlite3-devel.

I also wrote an email to Richard Hipp, the author of Fossil and SQLite, about an issue with the code and he answered that "Fossil tends to use the very latest features of SQLite and often will not work with older versions of SQLite." This will probably make it even harder to get the most recent versions work if sqlite-devel must be used.

So my question is: Does Fossil/SQLite fall under the "No Bundled Libraries Act" as described on http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/No_Bundled_Libraries or may we use the bundled copy?

Thanks in advance for any clarification. :)


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