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Fedora 12 Beta Blocker Meeting 2009-09-11 @ 15:00 UTC (11 AM EDT)

When: Friday, 2009-09-11 @ 15:00 UTC (11 AM EDT)
Where: #fedora-bugzappers on irc.freenode.net

Join us Friday for the first blocker bug review of the F-12-Beta cycle.
Review will focus on unresolved bugs listed on the F12Beta list [1].
The current list of Fedora 12 Beta blocker bugs [1] includes:

      * 519237 NEW  - -bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1):
        Inappropriate ioctl for device 
      * 516104 NEW  - dracut's plymouth text splash doesn't hide boot
      * 520207 NEW  - Filesystem label does not match kernel command
        line parameter 
      * 518226 NEW  - INFO: possible circular locking dependency
        detected - 2.6.31- 
      * 520515 NEW  - grubby should add plymouth initrd to grub initrd
      * 517833 ASSIGNED  - SwapError: swapon failed for '/dev/vdb1' 
      * 516042 ASSIGNED  - Unable to add NFS yum repo during
      * 515450 MODIFIED  - Stage1: cannot back to last step . 
      * 518194 MODIFIED  - askmethod boot option allows installation
        from HDD only 
      * 517260 MODIFIED  - liveinst fails at partitioning screen 
      * 498591 MODIFIED  - Cannot specify mount point for hard disk
        partition containing the ISO install image

Have an issue you'd like to propose for F12Beta?  Please consider the
following criteria when escalating an issue:

      * Can this issue be fixed with a future rawhide update or is it
        part of the media kit?
      * Is this defect a high (or greater) severity [1] with no, or an
        unreasonable, workaround? 
      * Does the presence of this bug dramatically reduce test coverage?

See you there!


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