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Re: GCC var-tracking-assignments: testing and bug reports appreciated

On Sep 11, 2009, John Reiser <jreiser bitwagon com> wrote:

> Not fast enough to avoid a two-day slip in rawhide kernels.


A work-around that enabled a successful kernel build was offered within
minutes.  A patch that fixed the bug was offered within hours.  A GCC
with the fix was available about half a day after the initial bug
report, and the kernel built with the newer GCC (but without newer debug
info) was already available at that point.

>    https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=521322

This bug was opened before the new GCC.  Exactly *one* kernel build
failed because of the new GCC feature.  I can't find any evidence that
this bug is in any way related with VTA or with the new GCC.

So how do you get from “GCC debug info was fixed, with one kernel build
and a few hours as casualty” to “two-day slip in rawhide kernels”?

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