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Re: Possible package...

Ben Boeckel wrote:
> Looking through the code, it looks like the #ifndef stuff for
> things called "extensive hacks" could cause some issues, but
> that's a cursory glance at it. I'm also not sure what to make of
> the patches for Qt in its repository. If they're serious
> patches, they should clone Qt on Gitorious and create merge
> requests. Fedora's Qt probably won't ship with them without some
> oversight that they aren't breaking things.

At least part of their patches look like really awful hacks, e.g. they're 
making some of QtGui work without X11 to support their stuff being used in 
text mode despite using QtWebKit (which is normally a GUI component). Some 
of the patches also appear to break ABI compatibility.

This really needs to be made to work with unmodified upstream Qt (even if it 
means requiring an active X11 session). Some of the patches might be 
upstreamable, with or without additional required fixes (like maintaining 
binary compatibility), but others are just plain "no go"s.

        Kevin Kofler

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