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Changes to openvrml.spec

You (spot) said:

"undo arch-specific deps on gecko-libs and java (%%{?isa} doesn't work
like you think it works)"

Unless I was told the wrong things in this thread:


... it *does* work like I think it works.  xulrunner and openjdk are

AFAICT, no one who's actually looks at this disputes that the
aforementioned packages are broken.  There is some resistance to fixing
them (for reasons I do not entirely agree with).

As it stands, though your changes fix a dependency problem, they make
the specfile less correct and openvrml is susceptible to the problem
documented in the aforementioned fedora-devel thread.  It would be
better if xulrunner and openjdk were fixed instead (bugs 517665 and
517666, respectively).

Braden McDaniel <braden endoframe com>

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