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Re: Adding a project to transifex

Oops, just saw this thread.

On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)
<bochecha fedoraproject org> wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 23:17, Matthew Booth<mbooth redhat com> wrote:
>> On 07/09/09 21:55, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>>> Matthew Booth wrote:
>>>> I went over to https://translate.fedoraproject.org/ earlier with the
>>>> idea of adding my project.
>>> The translations are now hosted at http://transifex.net/ (the main
>>> Transifex
>>> instance).
>> Was there an official announcement about that?
> I think the guys at Indifex (the company that Dimitris and others
> founded) only created transifex.net like a place to host translations,
> just like Gitorious or Fedorahosted for hosting development, not as a
> replacement of Fedora's Transifex instance.
> So I guess you could host your project there, or in translate.fp.o.
> The only difference is that there, you might have a much bigger
> community of translators, not just Fedora translators.

Indeed -- the above are true. www.transifex.net is intended as an
upstream, common translation place for open source projects (not meant
to replace translate.fpo).

Projects hosted on fho should use the Fedora instance, since
transifex.net does not yet have write access to fedorahosted. Projects
hosted on github etc should use transifex.net, since it has built-in
access for them.

> For more informations, I suggest you ask the Infrastructure team in
> #fedora-admin or on their mailing-list. They'll be more indicated to
> answer you about hosting on translate.fp.o ;)

We also hang around #fedora-l10n and #transifex for any L10n-specific Qs.


Dimitris Glezos

Transifex: The Multilingual Publishing Revolution
http://www.transifex.net/ -- http://www.indifex.com/

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