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Deltarpm xz problem with PPC generated rpms?

Deltarpm seems to be unable to generate correct rpms for deltarpms
generated from noarch rpms.  The uncompressed payload is correct, but
the compressed xz payload is different.

To test, using Rawhide's deltarpm, try running "applydeltarpm -r
anjuta-doc- test.rpm".  You
should end up with an md5 mismatch.  If you rpm2cpio test.rpm, you'll
find that the uncompressed cpio archive is identical to that of

As I understand it, noarch rpms are generated on PPC builders.

I suspect this problem is because of one of two reasons:
1. The version of xz on the PPC builders is a different version than
that on the other builders?
2. xz generates different compressed files when run on different

If it is #2, this is a major problem (at least for yum-presto) because
the whole purpose of deltarpm is to regenerate the original (compressed)
rpm, given an older version and a deltarpm.  If we can't do that, the
regenerated package won't pass the signature check and will be
re-downloaded in full.

I have access to i586 and x86_64 systems, but no PPC systems.  Could
someone either give me access to a PPC system or verify themselves
whether xz generates different files on different architectures (all
other things being equal).


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