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Re: Package Review Stats for last 12 days

2009/9/13 Björn Persson wrote:
> This looks like a nice initiative. I hope it will lead to more reviews getting
> done and reduce the waiting time.
> Rakesh Pandit wrote:
>> Below is the
>> number of package reviews completed.
> [55 bugzilla links]
>> Total reviews modified: 55
> I think the wording needs to be improved here. Is it completed reviews or
> modified reviews?

Completed ones.

>> Review Requests: 53
> If that's 53 out of the 55, it makes me wonder what the last two were. If it
> means 53 *new* review requests submitted, that could be made clearer. If it's
> not 53 new review requests, would it be possible to include that number too,
> so we can see whether the backlog is growing or shrinking?

Other 2 are merge reviews. I will confirm and make it a point to put
it in report, along with number of new review requests.

Thank you for suggestions.

Rakesh Pandit
freedom, friends, features, first

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