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Re: Deltarpm xz problem with PPC generated rpms?

On Sun, 2009-09-13 at 19:43 +0300, Jonathan Dieter wrote:
> Deltarpm seems to be unable to generate correct rpms for deltarpms
> generated from noarch rpms.  The uncompressed payload is correct, but
> the compressed xz payload is different.
> To test, using Rawhide's deltarpm, try running "applydeltarpm -r
> anjuta-doc-
> anjuta-doc- test.rpm".  You
> should end up with an md5 mismatch.  If you rpm2cpio test.rpm, you'll
> find that the uncompressed cpio archive is identical to that of
> anjuta-doc-
> As I understand it, noarch rpms are generated on PPC builders.
> I suspect this problem is because of one of two reasons:
> 1. The version of xz on the PPC builders is a different version than
> that on the other builders?
> 2. xz generates different compressed files when run on different
> architectures
> If it is #2, this is a major problem (at least for yum-presto) because
> the whole purpose of deltarpm is to regenerate the original (compressed)
> rpm, given an older version and a deltarpm.  If we can't do that, the
> regenerated package won't pass the signature check and will be
> re-downloaded in full.
> I have access to i586 and x86_64 systems, but no PPC systems.  Could
> someone either give me access to a PPC system or verify themselves
> whether xz generates different files on different architectures (all
> other things being equal).

It doesn't.
[airlied pegasus ~]$ md5sum lm93_busted.o 
d7174fc439c4678927725d06de4f18a2  lm93_busted.o
[airlied pegasus ~]$ xz -z -c lm93_busted.o | md5sum
86dbb83fea5f4e2f77396b3f491a0cc1  -

[airlied ppcg5 ~]$ md5sum lm93_busted.o
d7174fc439c4678927725d06de4f18a2  lm93_busted.o
[airlied ppcg5 ~]$ xz -z -c lm93_busted.o | md5sum
acf84a6c173b040f6cf8ea96c7daa513  -

thats just a random file I had on my machine here,
first is x86 32-bit, second is ppc.
xz-4.999.9-0.1.beta.fc12 on both.


> Jonathan
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