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Re: Introduction to a new SIG for creation of Live DVD

On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 09:31:48 -0700,
  John Reiser <jreiser bitwagon com> wrote:
> Squashfs and lzma have been living together happily for years:
> http://www.squashfs-lzma.org/  Are you sure that squashfs in Fedora Project
> is not using lzma?

The squashfs-tools srpm does not include the squashfs-lmza patches. It
just has the 4.0 tbz file and a patch for handing compiler options in SOURCES.

I belive the problem has been Fedora rarely using kernel modules that
aren't in mainline. squashfs-lzma is not mainline at this time. But both
squashfs and lzma have been included in recent mainline kernels.

Lougher had said he was going to try to get the patches into 2.6.31, but
didn't end up making it. I haven't seen anything yet indicating that
they got into the 2.6.32 merge window, but there is still time.

It's probably too late for F12 even if it did make it in to 2.6.32.

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