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Re: status of forked zlibs in rsync and zsync

On 09/15/2009 01:10 PM, Rex Dieter wrote:
> Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>> This would be great if maintainers were willing to fix issues after the
>> fact.  Look at rsync -- there's no incentive to fix the library issue at
>> this point because rsync is already in the distribution.  We need to fix
>> this lack of incentive for other reasons -- but we need to fix it before
>> we start trying to get more packages into the distro with less initial
>> quality.
> Not good at this point in the release cycle, but... an option is to block it 
> from rawhide, until fixed/resolved.  That'll light a fire to make things 
> happen surely.
That's an awfully big stick to wield.  At some point we may need
something like that.  For instance, if we are serious about ever
completing all of the merge reviews there will come a time when we have
to think about how we can give people the incentive to do that.  I keep
looking for a carrot to use as incentive rather than a stick, though....

Regarding the timing, if this were to be the solution, it would be
better to do it at the beginning of a development cycle than at the end.


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