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Re: conflict between libotf and openmpi

Jay Fenlason wrote:
On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 10:04:17PM +0300, Jussi Lehtola wrote:
On Wed, 2009-09-16 at 14:53 -0400, Neal Becker wrote:
It seems both openmpi and libotf supply a %{_bindir}/otfdump. otf is either:

OpenTypeFont (libotf)
OpenTraceFormat (openmpi)

I maintain libotf.  I'm not sure how to address this.

My only interest in libotf is so emacs can use it. For that, it doesn't need the binaries. Perhaps they could be put somewhere else?

I don't know how important otfdump is to openmpi, since I don't use it. My guess is that in both libotf and openmpi, neither is critical to function, but is a debug aid.
Actually, in this case it shouldn't be a problem for very long, since
every MPI compiler (& runtime) and MPI application should be reworked
ASAP to conform to the new MPI packaging guidelines.

OpenMPI is currently under work at

I'm currently polishing up the new OpenMPI packaging in rawhide, and
(barring surprises) I should have new openmpi and openmpi-devel
packages in updates by the end of the week.  These will obsolete the
openmpi-libs and openmpi-vt packages, and otfdump will be in
openmpi-devel: %{_libdir}/%{name}/bin/ where it won't interfere with libotf.

			-- JF

Sounds like the optimal solution. Make sure to push at least to F-11, not sure if it affects F-10. . .

in your fear, seek only peace
in your fear, seek only love

-d. bowie

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