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Re: Evolution time format/double address book entries

On Wed, 2009-09-16 at 12:01 +0200, Milan Crha wrote:
> 	Hi,
> On Sun, 2009-09-13 at 07:40 -0500, Mike Chambers wrote:
> > In the date field while viewing emails, it shows the time in 24 hour
> > time instead of 12 hour time with am/pm.  I have went into any
> > preferences and made sure the two settings that have time in them are
> > correct and what I want, but no affect.  And my clock on my desktop is
> > 12 hour time like it should be.
> which preference did you use, please? There is a new option in 2.27.9x,
> the Edit->preferences->Mail Preferences->Headers->Date and time format.
> Use "%ad %I:%M %p" in a "Table column" fields, instead of the predefined
> "%ad %H:%M". if wondering, it uses strftime format specifiers, plus that
> "%ab", which is specific for Evolution.

Found the preference and that fixed it (the above part).

> > Also, and this has happened in most/all of F12 testing, is that when
> > either importing an address book or doing a complete restore when
> > starting evo for the first time, when you go to do a new email and click
> > on the to button to find an address book, it shows them as double
> > entries.  Although if you do use one, it removes both of them from the
> > selection.
> I didn't see this myself, do I understand it correctly that this is
> doing contact doubling only once, just after import of a new address
> book or after the restore? Maybe file a bug in
> https://bugzilla.gnome.org and continue a discussion there (send here a
> bug URL).

After both, either after a restore or after importing a .cvf (?) file of
your address book.  I can send a new email, click on "to" button, and
see them doubled when you go to choose who to send the email too.  BUT,
if you look in the address book itself (via view/window/contacts), there
is just one entry.  So in other words, it's on doubled when you go to
send an email and want to add someone from your address book.

Understand what I am referring to?

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"Best lil town on Earth!"

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