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iptables-1.4.5 in rawhide


iptables-1.4.5-1 just made it into rawhide. This new version supports all new features of the 2.6.31 kernel and contains two additional fixes
for leaked file descriptors:

- new version 1.4.5 with support for all new features of 2.6.31
  - libxt_NFQUEUE: add new v1 version with queue-balance option
  - xt_conntrack: revision 2 for enlarged state_mask member
  - libxt_helper: fix invalid passed option to check_inverse
  - libiptc: split v4 and v6 - extensions: collapse registration
  - iptables: allow for parse-less extensions
  - iptables: allow for help-less extensions
  - extensions: remove empty help and parse functions
  - xtables: add multi-registration functions
  - extensions: collapse data variables to use multi-reg calls
  - xtables: warn of missing version identifier in extensions
  - multi binary: allow subcommand via argv[1]
  - iptables: accept multiple IP address specifications for -s, -d
  - several build fixes
  - several man page fixes
- fixed two leaked file descriptors on sockets (rhbz#521397)

If you have packages depending on iptables or iptables-ipv6, please have a look at this new version.


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