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Re: Possible packages...

Adam Williamson wrote:

it's rather the case that we can't find anything that's even good
enough. it's strangely hard to find something that has a usable web
interface, CalDAV support

Maybe you should drop the requirement for a web interface. Mailservers don't
come with web interfaces either, but they did not get rejected. Cyrus-imapd,
uw-imap and dovecot were there long before squirrelmail.

Just release a CalDAV server and wait for a CalDAV web client to come along.
Meanwhile we can use desktop applications and mobile devices that support
this open standard. It surprises me how many of these applications support
CalDAV, seeing how hard it is to get a CalDAV server running.

And until a free CalDAV web client exists, we can use commercial
ones like atmail. Better than nothing.


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