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Re: Script to detect conflicting files in PATH within a yum repo (was Re: conflict between libotf and openmpi)

On Thu, 17 Sep 2009, David Malcolm wrote:

Well, define "forever"... my script takes about 30 seconds (and ~1GB
RAM) on my workstation; if that's a bit improvement over your runtimes,
perhaps you could try a hybrid approach of walking the filelist.xml.gz
to quickly find possible conflicts, then only opening the rpm headers as
needed to reject the false conflicts?  Dunno

That's what I do. More or less - I do it by putting all the filenames as a key in a dict and the value is a list of the pkgs which own that file.

That portion takes 50s and 350M of ram on my laptop for f11 and updates.

then it take the list of files which have > 1 pkg owning them and grabs headers to sort them out.

[snip content-addressed storage/hashing ideas]

awww but that was the most interesting part. :)


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